Becoming a Pilot

Although the general population’s apparent glamor of being a pilot has since a long time ago disappeared, many individuals still gaze toward the aircraft hovering above them and think “I want.” If you want to fly, at any level from basic recreational traveling to international aviation with an airline or the military, you have to … [Read more…]

Brief History of Airplanes

Aviation has been the most important means of transportation in modern times. It plays an important role in the economy: it creates jobs, it allows companies to expand to other countries, and it helps other industries, such as the tourism industry, to grow. Also, aviation brings together people from all over the world and creates … [Read more…]

Not all planes carry people

One of the coolest things about airplanes is that paper airplanes, model airplanes and all of the others are almost as popular as the real thing.  Check out some of the awesome trick shots that Dude Perfect made with these foam airplanes: